Macleay Island – Evacuation Information

Macleay Island – Evacuation Information

The first preference is for people to ‘shelter-in-place’ – stay where you are. Evacuations should only occur when the risk of sheltering in place is greater than the risk associated with leaving and moving to a place of lower risk.

Evacuation Centres/Assembly Areas/Helicopter Landing Sites

Evacuation Centres will be opened as demand requires. Information relating to the opening of Evacuation Centres will be announced via our information sources – please tune in to local radio – ABC 612AM and Bay FM 100.3 and follow updates on the Redland City Council news site, Twitter and Facebook.

For information relating to current evacuations, please contact Redland City Council on 3829 8999.

The Evacuation Centres are the primary assembly areas during a disaster and will often have an oval or parkland nearby for a helicopter landing site that provide quick access to the Evacuation Centre. Accordingly, latitude and longitude information has been provided for the Evacuation Centres that have adjoining land size suitable to accommodate a helicopter landing site.

Primary Evacuation Centre:

    • Macleay Island Community Hall – Ph: 3409 4222
      South Sea Terrace, Macleay Island

Alternate Evacuation Centres (may be called upon to support as required):

  • Macleay Island Progress Hall – Ph: 3409 5000
    Russell Terrace, Macleay Island
  • Bay Islands Golf Club – Ph: 3409 5299
    2 Gordon Road, Macleay Island
  • Macleay Island Bowls Club – Ph: 3409 5364
    29 Benowa Street, Macleay Island

If you need to evacuate, it is recommended that you seek shelter with family or friends in the first instance. If these options are not available to you, we will establish crises accommodation in the form of Evacuation Centres or another appropriate means of short-term accommodation. When evacuating from your home, your chosen evacuation route should always be the most direct and safest route available, be aware of possible localised flooding.  Please tune in to ABC 612AM and Bay FM 100.3 for warnings of road closures and follow updates on the Redland City Council news site, Twitter and Facebook.

Remember: If it’s flooded, forget it!

Assembly Areas

Primary Assembly Area:

    • Macleay Island Community HallSouth Sea Terrace, Macleay Island

Alternate Assembly Area (as required):

      • Barge and Ferry Terminal
        Brighton Road, Macleay Island

Barge and Ferry Launch Sites

        • Barge and Ferry Terminal (South) – Barge and Ferry
          Brighton Road, Macleay Island
        • Macleay Island Boat Club ramp (West) – Small boats
          93-95 Coast Road, Macleay Island
        • Tidal Boat Ramp (West) – Small boats
          Dalpura Street, Macleay Island

Island Transport Services

Bus Services

        • Blue Bus – Ph: 3820 7815
        • Golf Club courtesy bus – Ph: 3409 5299
        • Bowls Club courtesy bus – Ph: 3409 5364

Taxi Service

        • Macleay Island Taxi Service – Ph: 0418 734 741

Helicopter Landing Points

Primary Landing Site

        • Helipad at the rear of Emergency Service Centre (with wind sock)
          High Central Road
          Longitude: 153.3632 Latitude: -27.6288

Alternate Landing Sites

      • State School Oval, Macleay Island
        High Central Road
        Longitude: 153.3575 Latitude: -27.6189
      • Bay Islands Golf Club fairway
        Gordon Road
        Longitude: 153.3685 Latitude: -27.6210