About North Stradbroke

About North Stradbroke

General Information

North Stradbroke Island (NSI), or Straddie, with a total population of 2030 people according to the 2011 Census, is one of the world’s largest sand islands.  There are three townships on North Stradbroke Island – Dunwich, Amity Point and Point Lookout.


Dunwich, where the barge and ferry terminals are located, is a small relaxed and friendly township with a population of 883 according to the 2011 Census.  Local shops, food outlets and facilities including a sports club and picturesque sporting field by the bay make Dunwich the focal point for the local weekend sporting matches.  Dunwich is also home to the island’s primary school and state pre-school.  The township has many culturally and historically significant sites, along with great fishing from the jetty and swimming in the salt water enclosure or nearby sandy beaches at high tide.

Amity Point

Amity Point which has a charming fishing village atmosphere is mainly a residential area with a population of 349 people according to the 2011 census.  Cabarita Park is the most popular foreshore park, being a short walk from the jetty and boat ramp, where many locals launch straight from the shore into the deep Rous Channel, which runs very close to the Amity shoreline.  Fishing trawlers and recreational fishermen appreciate Amity as a safe launching area and anchorage in almost all wind conditions.  The town facilities include a general store, post office, fuel station, café, community hall, library and a number of accommodation places including a caravan park.

Point Lookout

Point Lookout, on the eastern coastline of North Stradbroke Island has spectacular natural features, including more than 30 kilometres of natural surf beach and towering rocky headlands and gorges.  Point Lookout is home to 678 island residents according to the 2011 Census, some choosing to commute to the mainland for work on the daily water taxi services.  Point Lookout is 20km from Dunwich and 19km from Amity Point.  Residents enjoy fishing and surfing, with many of the younger residents surfing before and after school in summer.  The population of Point Lookout swells dramatically at holiday times by up to 20,000 people as it has been a popular family destination for many decades.  Sand mining leases and National Parks cover much of Straddie with many of the island’s residents working in the sand mining industry and in the tourism and hospitality fields.