Redlands Coast Alerts

Redlands Coast Alerts

Redlands Coast residents are urged to opt in for Council’s free emergency notification messaging service ahead of the summer storm and bushfire season.

Note: Redlands Coast Alerts complements other emergency notification systems, such as those offered by the Bureau of Meteorology and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). During a disaster event, it is important to stay informed across a range of channels. More information on how to Tune into Warnings.

Through Redlands Coast Alerts, residents can sign up to receive:

  • Community Alert – which will be sent to registered residents when there is potentially dangerous weather which may impact them.
  • Flood warnings for four local roads – Allan Day Drive, Wellington Point; Avalon Road, Sheldon; Moores Road, Redland Bay; and the corner of Nelson Road and Pitt Road, Wellington Point.
  • Bureau of Meteorology warnings and alerts (by email only).

It’s easy to register for Redlands Coast Alerts. Go to the Redlands Coast Disaster Dashboard at and select the green ‘Redlands Coast Alerts’ tile.

Select the ‘Register’ tab to enter your details and create a password.

Follow confirmation email instructions to complete the mobile verification process and select your subscription preferences.

When an SMS text message alert is issued for a service you have subscribed to, you will receive a text message from “RCAlerts”.

Your details are securely held and will not be shared for other purposes. Further information regarding Council’s Privacy Statement is available on the Redland City Council website at

Frequently asked questions

What is Community Alert?

This subscription option utilises the Location residents enter during the registration process, and allows our Local Disaster Management Group to send a targeted email and text message for their area. This feature was used in 2020 during the SMBI water shutdown, sending a text message and email to subscribed residents advising of the shutdown at 8pm.

Community Alert may only be sent to area’s that are expected to be impacted, such as an island or group of islands, therefore it is important residents enter their address correctly to receive messages.

Why can’t I receive a weather warning text message?

The Bureau of Meteorology issues weather warnings via email, which are then automatically forwarded to subscribers based on their selected location choices.

Why didn’t I receive a weather warning email?

The Weather Warning subscription option issues notification emails only if the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) issues a weather warning for Redland City Council local government area or the Southeast Coast forecast district. Some severe weather activity may not reach BoM’s trigger levels, and thus a weather warning is not issued in this instance.

Alternatively, you can download the BOM Weather App to receive push notifications for tropical cyclone, fire weather, flood, tsunami, severe weather, severe thunderstorm warnings to your set location.

What is the difference between ‘Redland City’ and ‘Southeast Coast’ when selecting Weather Warning locations?

    • Redland City includes all BoM weather warnings where ‘Redland City’ Council area is listed on the BoM warning notification. This includes the individual suburbs of Redland City.
    • Southeast Coast includes all BoM weather warnings for the district. This is Redland City and surrounding council areas such as Logan, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Scenic Rim, and Sunshine Coast etc. If you work outside of Redland City or would like to know of warnings in surrounding areas, select this option in addition to Redland City.
      • Note: there will be significantly more emails sent to this option compared to the Redland City selection, as this includes other council areas. You can modify your subscription choice if you are receiving too many emails with the Southeast Coast option.

How do I change my notification subscription details (name, mobile number, location or password)?

On the left navigation menu go to the Profile page to change these details. You cannot change the email address used to register the account. You will need to re-register if you have changed your email address.

How do I unsubscribe to this service?

At the base of the Subscription table, select the orange button “Unsubscribe All”, a pop box will appear and select the red confirm button.

Important information

  1. This notification service does not replicate or replace the Emergency Alert System, which is the national telephone based emergency warning system used by emergency services that sends messages (irrespective if users have subscribed);
    • via landlines (must have power) based on the location of the handset.
    • via mobile phones (must be switched on and in a coverage area) based on the devices location or billing address.
  2. Road Closure notifications are dependent on the flooded road gauge data and independent telecommunication networks. Each location station transmits the trigger level data at specific intervals and is reliant upon telecommunication networks, as per note3 below; Emergencies can cause power outages and system failures, and notifications may not send or be delayed to NBN services and the telecommunication network. It is an offence to ignore a road closure sign, which could apply in circumstances other than flooding, e.g. fires. Remember if it’s flooded forget it.
  3. SMS Notifications rely on independent telecommunication networks, which require power to operate and have limited battery back-up. Emergencies can cause power outages and system failures, and notifications may not send or be delayed to NBN services and telecommunication networks. Ensure you have a battery powered radio for back-up to receive communications in emergency situations.