Capalaba – Neighbourhood Safer Places

Capalaba – Neighbourhood Safer Places

A Neighbourhood Safer Place (NSP) is a local open space or identified building where people may gather, as a last resort, to seek shelter from bushfire. The main purpose is of an NSP is to provide some level of protection to human life from the immediate life-threatening effects of a bushfire. An NSP will not guarantee safety in all circumstances as they still entail some risk, both in moving to them and while sheltering in them; they cannot be considered completely safe.

Although Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) cannot guarantee an immediate presence during a bushfire, every effort will be made to provide support as soon as resources are available. The following limitations of an NSP need to be considered if people plan to use one as a last resort:

  • QFES may not be present, in the event that they will be fighting the main fire front elsewhere
  • NSPs do not cater for animals or pets
  • NSPs do not provide meals or amenities
  • NSPs may not provide shelter from the elements, particularly flying embers
  • If you are with a person with special needs, consider what assistance you may require at an NSP.

If an NSP is part of your contingency plan, it should not require extended travel through fire-affected areas to get there.

Neighbourhood Safer Places

The following approved Neighbourhood Safer Places are located closest to Capalaba:

Capalaba State Colleges – Ovals
Category: Open Space
Address: School Road
Suburb: Capalaba, 4157
Latitude: -27.5355495
Longitude: 153.1919055

Mount Cotton State School – Oval
Category: Open Space
Address: 1246 Mount Cotton Road
Suburb: Mt Cotton, 4165
Latitude: -27.6207296
Longitude: 153.2356852

Birkdale State School – Oval
Category: Open Space
Address: 74 Agnes Street
Suburb: Birkdale, 4159
Latitude: -27.4924608
Longitude: 153.2159736