Evacuation Centres

Evacuation Centres

For information relating to current evacuations, please contact Redland City Council on 3829 8999.

The primary role of the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) with regards to the management of evacuees is to provide safe, temporary accommodation for a short period until a threat has passed. Once the threat has passed, then evacuees can return home or arrangements can be made for alternative accommodation solutions if this is not possible.

The first preference is for people to ‘shelter-in-place’ – stay where you are – while this is the preferred option, it may not be possible due to the type of disaster occurring (i.e. approaching bushfire).

If you are required to evacuate, the second preference is for people to shelter with friends and family (if safe to do so). For those on the mainland, or a larger island like North Stradbroke Island, this may be possible in some instances. Sheltering with friends and/or family for those living on Coochiemudlo or SMBI may not always be possible, as often friends or family are also evacuating.

Evacuation Centres will be opened as demand requires and where safe to do so. Information relating to the opening of Evacuation Centres will be announced via our information sources – please tune in to local radio ABC 612 AM and Bay FM 100.3 and follow updates on the Disaster DashboardRedland City Council news siteTwitter and Facebook. You can also opt in to receive Community Alerts (details below), which will be issued to areas required to evacuate.

Council now has an opt-in emergency messaging service, Redlands Coast Alerts, where residents can subscribe to receive community alerts, weather alerts and flooded road notifications at four key locations. A Community Alert will not replicate the Emergency Alert; which is a Text and/or Voice message sent by the State Government irrespective of a user’s subscription, sent to all landlines and mobile phones that are switched on and have service coverage. The Community Alert is generally issued to the areas where the significant impact is occurring or anticipated to occur; thus it is important you enter the correct residential address to ensure you receive a Community Alert for your area.

A Community Alert will be issued from Redland City Council LDMG for significant impacts to the community such as:

  • Essential information when preparing, responding or recovering from an event
    i.e. evacuation information, recovery/community hub information etc.
  • Anticipated serious disruption due to an event
    i.e. health related or weather related; toxic smoke hazard, explosion or fire etc.
  • Essential services or Infrastructure impacted
    i.e. water shutdown, boil water notice, island transport services ceasing due to weather, gas leak etc.

To find out more and how to opt-in visit the Redlands Coast Alerts page.

Your details are securely held and will not be shared for other purposes. This notification service is designed to complement, not replace, other emergency notification systems such as those offered by BoM and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES).

Do not proceed to one of the centres listed below unless advised it is the nominated evacuation centre. For information relating to current evacuations, please contact Redland City Council on 3829 8999. We have listed below all of the centres within or nearest to the applicable suburb, however it does not mean all will be open. This is determined during the event response by Redland LDMG and Emergency Services, to ensure the evacuation centre and evacuees are not in the path of danger.

The Evacuation Centres are primary assembly areas during a disaster and will often have an oval or park nearby for a helicopter landing site that provides quick access to the Evacuation Centre. Accordingly, latitude and longitude information has been provided for Centres that have adjoining land size suitable to accommodate a helicopter landing site.


A full list of available sites for mainland Redland City can be found below.

These lists contain information on sites that may be used as evacuation centres. A decision on which sites will be safe and appropriate to use will be made at the time of an emergency, so please listen to all public emergency messaging.

Evacuation Centres

Alexandra Hills

Alexandra Hills Community Hall
131-155 Finucane Road, Alexandra Hills
Ph: 3829 8999

Alexandra Hills State High School – Hall
3-21 Windemere Road, Alexandra Hills
Ph: 3820 1444
Lat: -27.5229 Long: 153.2120

Alexandra Hills State School – Performing Arts Block J
12 Princeton Avenue, Alexandra Hills
Ph: 3820 0333
Lat: -27.5189 Long: 153.2199

Hilliard State School – Hall
106-110 Hanover Drive, Alexandra Hills
Ph: 3820 1666
Lat: -27.5428 Long: 153.2324

Vienna Woods State School – Hall
12 Heffernan Road, Alexandra Hills
Ph: 3820 0777
Lat: -27.5259 Long: 153.2305


Birkdale School of Arts Hall
101 Birkdale Road, Birkdale
Ph: 3829 8999

Birkdale South State School – Hall
451 Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale
Ph: 3820 4333
Lat: -27.5075 Long: 153.2136

Birkdale State School – Hall
74 Agnes Street, Birkdale
Ph: 3286 0777
Lat: -27.4904 Long: 153.2168


Capalaba Place
16-20 Noeleen Street, Capalaba
Ph: 3829 8999

Capalaba State College – Junior Campus Hall
150 Mt Cotton Road, Capalaba
Ph: 3823 9333
Lat: -27.5361 Long: 153.1918

Capalaba State College – Senior Campus Multi-Purpose Shelter
School Road, Capalaba
Ph: 3823 9111
Lat: -27.5366 Long: 153.1935

Coolnwynpin State School – Hall
6 Telaska Court, Capalaba 4157
Ph: 3906 4333
Lat: -27.5476 Long: 153.2023


Redland Showgrounds – Norm Price Park
44 Smith Street, Cleveland
Ph: 3829 8999

Cleveland State School – Hall
Corner Queen and Wynyard Streets, Cleveland
Ph: 3488 1333
Lat: -27.5297 Long: 153.2707

Redlands Memorial Hall
28-42 Smith Street, Cleveland
Ph: 3829 8999

Redlands Performing Arts Centre (RPAC)
2-16 Middle Street, Cleveland
Ph: 3829 8131

Mount Cotton

Mount Cotton State School – Hall
1246 Mount Cotton Road, Mount Cotton
Ph: 3822 0444
Lat: -27.6213 Long: 153.2356


Ormiston State School – Hall
82-110 Gordon Street, Ormiston
Ph: 3824 9111
Lat: -27.5169 Long: 153.2571

Redland Bay

Redland Bay Community Hall
7-9 Weinam Street, Redland Bay
Ph: 3829 8999
Redland Bay Parkland (behind hall)

Redland Bay State School – Hall
125 Gordon Road, Redland Bay
Ph: 3479 4222
Lat: -27.6203 Long: 153.2907


Thorneside Community Hall
200-204 Mooroondu Road, Thorneside
(Soccer Field, next to hall)
Ph: 3829 8999


Thornlands Dance Palais Hall
87-95 Cleveland Redland Bay Road, Thornlands
Ph: 3829 8999

Thornlands State School – Hall
147 Panorama Drive, Thornlands
Ph: 3821 8111
Lat: -27.5487 Long: 153.2614

Victoria Point

Victoria Point State High School – Student Centre – Hall
93-131 Benfer Road, Victoria Point
Ph: 3820 5888
Lat: -27.5924 Long: 153.2852

Victoria Point Community Hall
200 Link Road, Victoria Point
Ph: 3829 8999

Victoria Point State School – Hall
School Road, Victoria Point
Ph: 3820 5666
Lat: -27.5825 Long: 153.2961

Wellington Point

Wellington Point Recreation Hall
347-371 Birkdale Road, Wellington Point
Ph: 3829 8999

Wellington Point State High School – Hall
2-36 Bagden Road, Wellington Point
Ph: 3820 4222
Lat: -27.4920 Long: 153.2309

Wellington Point State School – Hall
476 Main Road, Wellington Point
Ph: 3286 0666
Lat: -27.4902 Long: 153.2372