List of roads that may flood in the Redlands

List of roads that may flood in the Redlands


  • Bath Street, Birkdale – along the foreshore area
  • Collingwood Road, Birkdale – near intersection with Spoonbill Street (impacts the access to St Mary McKillop, Wellington Point High School and Redlands College)
  • Mary Street, Birkdale – at the intersection of the creek adjacent to Birkdale State School
  • Mary Pleasant Drive, Birkdale – near culvert at the back of the park, adjacent to the cricket practice nets
  • Pitt Road, Birkdale – at the end of the road where Tulloch Drive and Nelson Drive meet
  • Tulloch Drive/Redgrove Avenue intersection


  • Capalaba Greyhound Racetrack – where Old Cleveland Road enters Redland City (Tingalpa Creek)


  • Corner of Russell and Smith Streets, Cleveland – on the school side of the roundabout
  • Island Street, Cleveland – where it intersects Ross Creek
  • Shore Street, Cleveland – near the Black Swamp
  • Wellington Street, Cleveland – near the culvert, south of Long Street, Ross Creek

Mount Cotton

  • Mount Cotton Road, Mt Cotton – just south of Woodlands Drive


  • Sturgeon Street, Ormiston – softball field overflow car park between roundabouts at Delancey Street and Northern Arterial Road. Water in this area does not impact vehicles on the road

Redland Bay

  • Hamilton Street, Redland Bay – where it crosses the creek just south of the Pitt Street intersection
  • Pitt Street, Redland Bay – where it crosses the creek just south of the intersection with Hamilton Street (restricts access north to Redland Bay township)
  • School of Arts Road, Redland Bay – east of Donald Road. The lakes of Fielding Park do not drain quickly enough into Weinam Creek during heavy rain causing School of Arts Road to be cut
  • Serpentine Creek Road, Redland Bay – north of intersection roundabout with Oakland Avenue and Azure Avenue
  • Torquay Road, Redland Bay – at the eastern end of the road along the waterfront
  • Giles Road, Redland Bay


  • Avalon Road, Sheldon – near the bridge in front of 288 Avalon Road towards the Front Road end
  • Woodlands Drive, Sheldon – nearing the intersection with Mount Cotton Road


  • Railway Parade, Ferry Road and Esplanade, Thorneside – along the railway and waterfront
  • Ricketts Road, Thorneside – on the Brisbane City side of Tingalpa Creek, just north of the bridge which impacts traffic access into and out of Redland City


  • Clifford Perske Drive, Thornlands – north of Dasen Street to mid-way along Kriskyle Place
  • George Thorn Drive, Thornlands – on the northern side of the road
  • South Street, Thornlands – where the creek intersects the road to the east of the Redlands District Special School
  • Springacre and Kingfisher Roads, Thornlands – where Eprapah Creek crosses the road; Springacre Road changes to Kingfisher Road, near 154 Springacre Rd
  • Thornlands Road, Thornlands – east of Primrose Drive

Wellington Point

  • Allan Day Drive, Wellington Point – opposite the foreshore in front of Allan Day Drive Park
  • Anson Road, Wellington Point – at the intersection with Birkdale Road. Flooding here causes the traffic lights at this intersection to flash amber which causes further traffic issues as Anson Road provides the only access to Redlands College and access to the rear car park and hall for Wellington Point High School (an identified evacuation centre >>)
  • Birkdale Road, Wellington Point – opposite the Redlands Sporting Club. During a flood, this would cut access to Wellington Point High School (an identified evacuation  centre >>) from Wellington Point to the east
  • Jacob Street, Wellington Point – opposite Fernbourne Road
  • Nelson Road, Wellington Point – at the intersection with Pitt Road and Tulloch Drive
  • Tulloch Drive/Redgrove Avenue intersection
  • Sturgeon Street, Wellington Point – east of Starkey Street. Impacts are to the Hilliards Creek pedestrian walkway only, does not impact vehicles on the road